Welcome to Steelgrimage. This is a journey with no fixed destination, as we delve into and plunder the world of steel guitars and the men and women who play them. Please don’t come here expecting virtuoso performances from me. I am just a player, like you, except worse, definitely bottom half of world guitarists, possibly last 20%. The dregs. So please don’t think that I’m any kind of expert.

But the passion. Oh, the passion.

I believe the sound of the Pedal Steel Guitar can unite nations, heal physical wounds and Make Christmas Great Again. It’s a Gordian Knot of an instrument played by Jedi. Let’s see if we can’t join them to make beautiful music together.

I’m building a spotify playlist that should show you what I’m on about. It’s early days, and I’m looking for more suggestions.

Far superior and far larger for is the one built by Rocky Yosek. 36 hours of pedal steel. It’s where I turn for something new.